The ABB Drives and Controls Experience is a rolling road show that has supported 120+ events annually. It’s packed full of ABB technology, interactive content and product demonstrations. This adaptable all-in-one tool allows ABB to blend the efforts of marketing and sales into one very targeted and efficient approach. Throughout COVID-19 restrictions in 2020 and 2021, ABB was able to maintain the momentum of the tour while keeping guests safe, all with the help of dedicated EEI staff.


  • Brand Strategy | Planning | Identity
  • Exhibit Fabrication | Engineering | Rental
  • Event Marketing | Tours & Road Shows | Trade Shows
  • Immersive Digital | Content Development | Film & Motion
  • Business Theatre | Meetings | Media Launches
  • Graphic Production | Tension Fabric | Digital Printing


EEI Mobile custom-designed this expandable trailer for travel to targeted ABB customer sites like manufacturing plants and mines where use of ABB drives and controls can reduce energy consumption significantly. Additionally, the tour was designed to support the many ABB distributors around the country.


The environment was designed with the individual ABB user in mind. For instance, the sales engineer can take advantage of a variety of support tools in the space, like:

  • Slider screens that reveal in-depth information by sector
  • A monitor for plug and play of individualized presentations
  • A variety of product demonstration modules

The team instituted a comprehensive set of safety protocols for tours in 2020 and 2021. For instance, flow into and out of the trailer was carefully planned and monitored to ensure social distancing. A stylus was given to each participant in order to interact with the touch screens. From registration to signage to sanitation procedures, every aspect of the experience was adjusted for maximum safety. 


The ABB Drives and Controls Experience has proven to be the ideal tool for sales engineers to offer intimacy, interactivity and plenty of why-buys to prospective clients. And when confronted with unexpected hurdles, the ABB and EEI teams confirmed its adaptability.