World class brands like BMW are built through consistent application of exacting standards. So are enduring partnerships. EEI is proud to have met the challenge of standing with BMW’s international team of engineers and designers for 15 years running to deliver BMW’S North American International Auto Show display. And in key years, the relationship expanded to encompass the MINI brand as well.


  • Exhibit Fabrication | Engineering | Rental
  • Graphic Production | Tension Fabric | Digital Printing

Meeting the expectations of world-class quality with world-class dedication to detail.

Among automotive brands, “The Ultimate Driving Machine” product portfolio is iconic. Our job was to ensure that all 20,000 square feet of BMW’s NAIAS display felt the way the brand feels: aspirational. EEI engineers, project managers, and carpenters labored over every detail, from the procurement of materials, to the fit and finish of each display element.

Putting together an auto show display of this stature and visibility involves a careful balancing act for different use cases. For instance, the private hospitality space where dignitaries met during media week, exuded a restful feel. But the public space was all about the wow.

An important aspect of our partnership with BMW was keeping in close consultation about changes in technology that could enhance not only the face the brand showed to the world, but how it could help the bottom line. Over 15 years, EEI contributed evolutionary ideas in fabrication, lighting, digital media, and other aspects of the display.

For a few key product launches, BMW enlisted the expertise of EEI to work on the MINI exhibits at NAIAS. For MINI, brand standards are equally precise, but brand character is decidedly playful. EEI’s engineering skill was instrumental in realizing MINI’s vision – a vision that tilted vehicle installations at gravity-defying angles.

Our long history of success with BMW is a testament to EEI’s attention to detail in every aspect, from thoroughly understanding brands to thoroughly understanding builds.