There once was a time when broadcasting required a lot of equipment, real estate and personnel (translation: money) to pull off. No more. Today, even a company of modest size and budget can use broadcast to bring people together for a unifying message, whether they’re employees in scattered time zones or investors in high-flung places. With technological know-how, seasoned people-management skills, and the support of inventive designers, EEI Global is helping to evolve broadcast into an affordable, highly useful tool for our clients.


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Our relationship with Aptiv started modestly. In 2018, the high-tech mobility software company needed some help with an employee meeting. The team in Troy, Michigan wished to host an audience of colleagues across the globe, from the headquarters in Dublin, Ireland to points across Europe, Asia and Central and North America. EEI Digital head Kirk Miller delivered that broadcast, using Webex and a streaming broadcast package. That success evolved to today, where at Aptiv, global broadcasts have become the frequent go-to medium for team-building events like the annual Innovation Awards, which recognize employee contributions around the world. It features live video feeds of presenters in multiple offices, woven together with a central presentation. And because Aptiv’s enthusiasm for broadcast continues to build, EEI recently executed a tech upgrade to their Troy facility. Mere hours after all the wires had been connected, the Aptiv team was diving into another broadcast project.

For Autoliv, the world’s largest automotive safety supplier, EEI helps the client team foster key relationships. For their quarterly broadcasts with high-level audiences like the board of directors or investors, our digital team ensures that the shows come off without a hitch. Autoliv is also a long-term customer of EEI’s exhibit expertise, so they also turn to us to provide graphic backdrops and other set pieces for the broadcasts. Sometimes we can cleverly repurpose assets from trade shows, which can add a punch of visual impact to a presentation while having little effect on the budget. In the last few years, Autoliv has more than doubled their broadcast activity now that they have a tried-and-true partner like EEI Global to help them bring all the elements together.

For clients who want to take a more do-it-yourself approach, EEI Digital has developed what we call “broadcast-in-a-box.” It’s a custom suite of equipment and technology that, with training, enables client teams to broadcast onsite with a minimum of additional help from suppliers. For Meritor Inc., a leading global supplier of drivetrain, mobility, braking, aftermarket and electric powertrain solutions, EEI combined the broadcast-in-a-box idea with a studio we custom-designed and built for them right in their headquarters. EEI handled everything from soup to nuts: the design, the installation and the training.

Whether the goal is to bring the employees of a global company more meaningfully together, or to share business wins with stakeholders, more and more companies are turning to broadcasting. And more of those companies are turning to the expertise, track record and creativity of EEI Global to help them achieve broadcasts that go off without a hitch.