The team at Cadillac Racing knows that when you’re a red-blooded enthusiast of performance driving, the place to feel truly alive is on race day at an International Motor Sports Association (IMSA) event. IMSA is the premier sports car racing series in North America. That’s why for the last several years, Cadillac has invited owners and luxury performance intenders to these exclusive occasions that span seven different venues across the country. Guests enjoy the spectacle of elite motorsports, enjoy some hospitality, take a spin on a test track, and browse product, merchandise and technology displays. Spearheaded by partner Jack Morton, and executed by EEI Global, the Cadillac Racing events run on all cylinders.


  • Brand Strategy | Planning | Identity
  • Exhibit Fabrication | Engineering | Rental
  • Event Marketing | Tours & Road Shows | Trade Shows
  • Immersive Digital | Content Development | Film & Motion
  • Business Theatre | Meetings | Media Launches
  • Graphic Production | Tension Fabric | Digital Printing


The IMSA series provides an ideal platform for Cadillac to greet the performance enthusiasts who are their core buyer. To accomplish this, it takes a dedicated event management team of individuals behind the scenes who are equally enthusiastic about putting all the pieces together, and do it seamlessly, for a series of events in a range of locations. That’s EEI Global.

Our work begins with space design, where each of the display areas is envisioned for multiple locations. This means designing for the needed activity areas, like guest registration, hospitality, merchandise display and sales, new vehicle browsing, even a test drive route. It encompasses tents, flooring, signage, monitors, mic systems, vehicle platforms, wheel stands, you name it. We design for every physical element that’s needed for the event, and either build it or source it.

Now all these display assets have to get to their destinations on time and ready for assembly into the event experience. The EEI Global team plans all the logistics for the tour, making sure all the elements can be loaded/unloaded easily into the 53-foot branded trailer we drive to each stop on the tour. We plan how everything will be set up as well as dismantled. We hire and train the event staff that serve as the face of Cadillac to guests. Flight arrangements, hotel reservations, driving routes, event day apparel for the staff, safety protocols; these are all the responsibility of the EEI Global team.

The Cadillac Racing IMSA Tour has proven to be a valuable opportunity to unite a world-class brand with an enthusiastic audience. With the EEI Global team taking charge of everything behind the scenes, the enthusiasm runs even deeper.