Denso is a true believer in CES as a key opportunity to communicate with like-minded talent. Denso has partnered with EEI over several years for this Las Vegas electronics show — pulling levers across a continuum of communication goals. From explaining new technology offerings and innovations, to new brand themes and positioning, to recruitment of new talent, EEI’s skill set has risen to meet Denso’s needs.


  • Brand Strategy | Planning | Identity
  • Exhibit Fabrication | Engineering | Rental
  • Event Marketing | Tours & Road Shows | Trade Shows
  • Immersive Digital | Content Development | Film & Motion
  • Business Theatre | Meetings | Media Launches
  • Graphic Production | Tension Fabric | Digital Printing


For CES 2018, EEI derived the overall visual attraction of the space from Denso’s new global design principles, making their North American debut in this space. The stand design encouraged organic exploration, and organized content in layers in accordance with the layered meanings of the new “Crafting the Core” brand theme and product stories.

Denso technology offerings were organized around global megatrends in connected living, connectivity and automated driving. This ensured that Denso technology was always presented within a context of core use. The design also gave a variety of other Denso partners space to tell their parts of the story under the unified theme.

Three LED ribbons across the top of the display served as beacons for interactives located beneath them, and also as way of communicating phrased messaging about the meaning of the “Crafting the Core” brand theme. Timed takeover moments when all three LED ribbons pulsed with the same message added a broad attraction layer.

The main activation created by EEI was the 3D Theatre Experience, in which visitors donned 3-D glasses to watch a film introducing the Denso “Crafting the Core” theme. The film’s visual flow immersed visitors in high-level messaging, and created anticipation for its sister activation, the 360-degree Social Experience. Guests took away a personal photo taken with a 360-degree camera, giving individual meaning to “Crafting the Core.” We developed an app to facilitate distribution of the personalized content, and for social sharing.