Science. Innovation. Sustainability. The team at materials science leader Dow works these values daily from their headquarters in Midland, Michigan. And once a year in July, they weave the same concepts together for a special young person’s STEM event connected to the LPGA Tour’s Dow Great Lakes Bay Invitational (GLBI) in Midland. With the help of longtime partner EEI Global, Dow aimed to ignite a passion for science, innovation and sustainability in an upcoming generation.


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The Dow GLBI is a unique team golf event that’s become a highlight of the LPGA annual tour schedule over the last few years. It puts both Midland and title sponsor Dow in the spotlight. For 2022, Dow themed part of their space to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and placed the 50’ x 90’ event tent in a prominent spot on the golf course. The team at EEI Global designed a highly interactive experience with over six different activation stations that mixed physical and digital elements for engrossing, educational fun.

Visitors experienced the magic of magnets with a gravity-defying coin-stacking game. To get an introduction to computer coding, guests translated a string of 0’s and 1’s into an English language phrase. Youngsters learned about the wonders of polymers by playing with cold and warm Silly Putty, and marveling at how a Ziploc bag full of water did not leak when they punctured it with a sharp pencil. The principles of friction came alive via an air hockey game. At the 3D printing station, a digital picture became a real object, layer by layer. There were even tiny robots to play with. After visiting all the stations, visitors stepped onto a life-sized game board to compete in a quiz touching on all the STEM concepts they had encountered.

Designed by the EEI Global team, the Dow STEM event at the 2022 Dow Great Lakes Bay Invitational successfully translated core Dow values into a captivating interactive experience for kids. It combined pure and applied science, physical and digital elements, education and fun. Participants said they loved it and can’t wait for 2023 to see what Dow does next.