In the course of working with a market leader of Dow’s stature, EEI has helped create best practices all along the business-to-business trade show landscape. We support several Dow business units at product launches and business conferences, speaking to discerning technical audiences. We ensure that the information conveyed is no-nonsense, but the feeling is warm and cordial.


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Dow has a large presence at trade shows like the American Coatings Show and NPE, America’s largest plastics trade show. Dow’s displays are there to attract customers with broad brand visuals that exude confidence. But they’re also designed for quiet talks between Dow problem solvers and their customers.

EEI’s expertise in design embraces a thorough understanding of brand identity, and how to evolve it over time in the 3D space. For instance, Dow wanted to signal new vibrancy in 2017. It’s red and white visual dominance was thus augmented with the use of its secondary color palette. EEI designed custom panels to complement existing assets, so Dow could show a fresh face without having to start from scratch.

Collaboration with customers is Dow’s number one priority. For starting conversations in the display booth, EEI designs a mix of both analog and digital interactives to convey how a particular Dow solution pencils out for the business customer. For more in-depth talks, Dow often adds adjacent hospitality areas and meeting rooms. EEI ensures that the outer spaces are consistent with the brand character, and customer comfort remains paramount.

Sometimes a story from the consumer world is an ideal demonstration for the business-to-business customer. To demonstrate an innovative Dow-customer collaboration, EEI designed and built a portable kiosk featuring an innovative Under Armour shoe. Its lightweight, proprietary midsole material, called UA HOVR Foam, was designed by Dow chemists.