It was going to be big news for Hino Trucks, a Toyota Group company. The third largest truck manufacturer in the world was preparing to announce an expansion of its product range to include electric vehicles. For their press conference and exhibit at the 2023 NTEA Work Truck Week in Indianapolis, the Hino Trucks team chose EEI Global, Inc. to get ready.


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EEI designers went to work envisioning the 50’ x 90’ space layout. It had to showcase the new electric versions of their M- and L- Series medium duty trucks, as well as two other eminent vehicles, all of which require significant space. It had to be versatile enough to set up for a press conference, but then easily reconfigured for regular trade show traffic. The overall feel had to be crisp, modern, and welcoming while projecting the brand’s exciting new direction.

A blue sky overhead makes us feel optimistic about what’s ahead. The EEI team proposed, why not bring a literal blue sky into the Hino Trucks space for this important announcement? The result was a 70-foot, internally illuminated lightbox that spanned across the booth. With prominent Hino Trucks branding on either side, it served as a beacon to press conference guests and show visitors. The lightbox “sky” highlighted the large vehicles while its shape complimented the shape of the trucks themselves.

The Hino Trucks announcement at the 2023 NTEA Work Truck Week was a shining success. It was standing room only at the press conference when the Hino Trucks team debuted their electrified line-up and partnership plans. In their first work for this client, the EEI Global team was proud to create a space that illuminated such positive news for Hino Trucks.