Trains and railroads have long endured as symbols of human ingenuity. Upholding that tradition of ingenuity are the folks at Hitachi Rail, who bring modern expertise to every part of the railway: from train manufacturing and maintenance to digital signaling and smart mobility. Through a new partnership with EEI Global that began in 2023, Hitachi Rail is showcasing its pioneering products and technologies at exhibitions, conferences, and events — in ingenious ways.


  • Brand Strategy | Planning | Identity
  • Exhibit Fabrication | Engineering | Rental
  • Event Marketing | Tours & Road Shows | Trade Shows
  • Immersive Digital | Content Development | Film & Motion
  • Business Theatre | Meetings | Media Launches
  • Graphic Production | Tension Fabric | Digital Printing


For the Railway Systems Supplies, Inc. (RSSI) Communication & Signalling (C&S) exhibition in Indianapolis, the EEI team organized a space that elevated the Hitachi Rail brand look and feel, while inviting potential customers to interact. The result was a clean, crisp design that combined casual conversation spaces with focus areas for business units. Engineers paired show screens with their own equipment and content to talk to prospects about Hitachi Rail’s latest innovations. Design touches like pale wood-look flooring and vertical framing heightened the brand identity elements.

For the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) conference in Orlando, EEI helped Hitachi Rail take it to the next level – literally – with a double-deck booth design. A hospitality area on the top floor set a welcoming vibe, while digital interactives with virtual reality and touch screens on the bottom floor gave guests compelling ways to interact with Hitachi Rail. A conference room tucked within the interior gave the Hitachi Rail team flexibility for private meetings.

With these important first shows, EEI demonstrated a level of inventiveness, organization and professionalism that impressed the Hitachi Rail team. And with exciting news about new fleets and factories on the horizon for Hitachi Rail, it’s all aboard. This new partnership is moving steadily ahead.