For the 2022 Farm Progress outdoor show, New Holland Agriculture North America, a premier manufacturer of agricultural tractors and equipment, wanted to enhance awareness of their brand and reengage with customers. With a fresh look and feel to their branding that inspired partner EEI Global, together we delivered a captivating show experience that also reinforced New Holland’s strong brand position, and increased qualified leads for a big (literally), highly-considered purchase.


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The first thing visitors encountered at this expansive display was the word “NEW” in three foot-high, nine-foot long letters. The idea of “new,” one of the most powerful concepts in marketing, was carried throughout the display. It not only harkened to the brand name New Holland, but also set the stage for the products and engagements inside.

Shiny, new sprayers, tractors, harvesters and loaders were presented all along the perimeter of the display, allowing for clean views of the impressive equipment. Special emphasis was given to the Methane Powered Tractor and the Guardian Boom Front Sprayer, two important new, state-of-the-art products for New Holland. Their positioning helped draw visitors in and keep them engaged.

The Methane Powered tractor was featured at the entrance, highlighted by enormous letters spelling out “NEW.” Behind the tractor display was the registration area, covered by a brightly branded awning you couldn’t miss, and an LED screen with looping content for extra attraction. At the heart of the exhibit, another massive “NEW” greeted visitors. Here was the viewing area for the Guardian Boom Front Sprayer, awe-inspiring with its 135-foot boom stretching across the stand. Awnings over stadium seating gave additional punch to the fresh New Holland branding while it provided welcome shade for visitors as they watched a product presentation.

With plenty of space to move around freely, visitors could browse a total of sixteen different products throughout the exhibit. Elsewhere inside the center tent, visitors could take a look at spanking new merchandise at the New Holland Country store, or do a deeper dive on product capabilities at a video touch screen.

With an engaging, customer-centric design that made much hay out of all that was “New,” the New Holland display at the Farm Progress 2022 show successfully delivered on its objectives of enhancing brand awareness, showcasing a variety of new products and services, reinforcing its strong brand position, and increasing qualified leads.