TI Fluid Systems has a great story to tell to journalists and investors. Their automotive product offerings are ideally positioned for the industry evolution from Internal Combustion Engine vehicles into Hybrid Electric and Battery Electric vehicles. For their April 2021 online hybrid broadcast to stakeholders, TI Fluid Systems drew on EEI Global team’s expertise in creating rich environments that feature product displays packed with storytelling power.


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For their first-ever online broadcast, TI Fluid Systems knew that onscreen talking heads and PowerPoint slides wouldn’t be enough to do justice to their compelling business story. The solution was to set their show in a hi-tech studio environment the TI executives could move around in as they presented, with physical elements they could use to drive home key aspects of their corporate strategy.

The TI team turned to trusted partner EEI Global to transform the lobby of the TI headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan into a broadcast studio. It had to be visually appealing as well as functional for the Corporate Optics production crew that produced the broadcast. Accordingly, the fabric wall structures EEI created served not only as a backdrop for prominent branding, they also helped control light from the lobby’s large windows. The semi-circle desk we designed looked authoritative on camera, while also accommodating all three presenters plus a host for the Q&A portion of the event.

Most crucial to the visual storytelling of the event are the new product displays EEI fabricated. These properties were used throughout the broadcast by the executives to illustrate key concepts they wanted the audience to remember. For instance, CEO Bill Kozyra used the acrylic vehicles in his talk to help viewers understand what’s usually hidden from them: how the fluid systems operate under the skin of a vehicle. It was the ideal way to simplify complicated engineering concepts.

Our clients at TI Fluid Systems deemed the event a great success, noting that participation in the broadcast exceeded expectations. With the help of collaborative partner EEI Global, TI Fluid Systems effectively delivered their compelling story to investors and journalists.